October 03, 2019, Posted by: James

Spreading Japanese Love

I just spent a week in Michigan attending a friend's wedding. I had a good time until an unfortunate fight at the end of the night, but the unnecessarily expensive, symbolic, legally binding contract of marriage remains one of the only reasons I will buy a ticket back to the States for anything other than Christmas.

I brought my niece a pretty nice yukata and enjoyed being able to capture her imagination and attention with a little Japanese culture. I was never exposed to foreign cultures as a kid, and I imagine just realizing that there are other countries out there will be good for my niece's young mind. I had never thought about Japan other than an illusory mention from a school teacher, and I hope that young people these days can use the internet to keep much more in touch with the other sides of our planet.

In any event, the trip finally drew to a close and now I'm writing this on a phone while sitting on one of the longest and most irritating flights of my life. I've been given a middle seat, wedged between some southeast asian guy with broad shoulders that clearly doesn't mind bumping elbows, and a Japanese woman that has turned sideways in her chair with her back to me, definitely invading my space.

I want to be more mad than I am, but my visits with my family always leave me in good spirits, and the belly full of BBQ and Michigan beer isn't hurting the cause.

If I post too many pictures of food, it's only because I love eating the stuff I can't get easily in Japan. If I spend my time on the place punching the screen to share my ideas, it's only because I feel so happy I want to share.

And so, another trip home draws to a close. Hopefully it will only be another two months before I manage to do it again. I'm hoping to spend Christmas home with the family this year.

Life just keeps moving on.


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