December 14, 2020, Posted by: James

Going, going, back, back, to Tokyo

The world is still closed due to Covid, but wanderlust cannot be contained, only mildly-inconvenienced.

Since the USA isn't issuing visas, and visas are required for foreigners (like my girlfriend) entering and departing from the States via personal watercraft, I sailed the boat back from the Bahamas to Florida alone, and down the ICW a little bit to get it hauled out in Fort Pierce. For the time being, i'll leave the boat on the hard for a couple months and go back to Tokyo to wait out the coronavirus with my girlfriend.

It has certainly been an interesting year, with lockouts, lock-ins, and 6 PCR tests under my belt. The boat didn't get much use in the first year, but we still made the best of it and made a trip on a friend's boat from the Bahamas to Grenada. Next year we'll try to do it ourselves, after spending some time outfitting the boat a bit more for long distance travel.

After emptying out the bank account provisioning, maintaining, and upgrading various things on the boat, I had to put that plan on hold while I flew back to Japan.

Hopefully this will all be over soon, as news of the first batches of vaccines has been circulating the news. Keep your chin up, and never stop wandering!


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