April 26, 2017, Posted by: James

Buratora is born

I love sushi and yakitori, but I absolutely loathe the trains in Japan. The love hate relationship with Tokyo is pretty common among expats here.

Like, last week, as with every weekday morning, I stood on the platform waiting to board the Keihin-tohoku line. The train pulled up, and I stepped to the side as the doors slid open. A thick sloppy wall of warm air hit my face and made my head involuntarily rock back on my shoulders. At that moment, I thought about creating a website.

Another day, my friends and I sat at an izakaya happily pouring each other small cups of sake, sharing stories and grievances about our bosses, and I thought about this site.

One time, I was reading an article about how the trains in Japan are never late, while waiting for my late train, and thought "somebody needs to educate these "m**** f****s".

There are many reasons that I wanted to create a site where I could write about my experiences in Japan. Practicing my computer skills and passing the time on lunch breaks played a big role, but the main thing was that nothing would be more therapeutic for me than sharing about how I've spent the last 6+ years on a large island on the other side of the world. On one hand, I think that the way Japan is represented in the news is inaccurate in its kindness, and on the other hand I think many of the beautiful parts of living in this country go sadly unnoticed. In any case, this is basically just a place where people who have gotten over the first few stages of culture shock can talk about everyday life in the land of the rising sun.

I've just finished setting up the server, and I've finally uploaded the site.
At times like these, us expats in Japan tend to wrap our fingers around a cold beer and relax, but nay, dear reader, I shall forge on and start writing out the first story.


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