December 08, 2019, Posted by: James

Boat time

After 9 years living in Tokyo, i've decided to move on to the next phase of my life. The decision was between settling down in one place and buying a house or condo, or sticking with my traveling philosophy and buying a boat.

The boat idea won.

Last week I bought a very used Beneteau 390 Oceanis in Florida, and the new plan is to fix it up a bit and sail around the Bahamas for a while.

These floating homes have a surprising amount of electronics on them, including a system of sensors and chartplotters connected through an NMEA 2000 bus which I look forward to hacking with arduino or raspberry pi hardware.

Wish me luck and fortuitous winds on my future journey! I won't be moving out of my Tokyo apartment until New Year's, but i'll post updates as soon as the boat is ready for the trip!


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