My Taco Bell List

May 10, 2017, Posted by : James

I used to often ask myself "self, do you even want to live in Japan anymore?"
But recently i've figured it out.

You might not want to know, but there's no Digiorno's pizza in Japan. I'll be honest, I don't even know if there's Digiorno's anymore in the States, because I haven't had a frozen pizza since i've come to Japan. But there's definitely a frustrating ...


Buratora is born

April 26, 2017, Posted by : James

I love sushi and yakitori, but I absolutely loathe the trains in Japan. The love hate relationship with Tokyo is pretty common among expats here.

Like, last week, as with every weekday morning, I stood on the platform waiting to board the Keihin-tohoku line. The train pulled up, and I stepped to the side as the doors slid open. A thick sloppy wall of warm air hit my face and ...


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