Spreading Japanese Love

October 03, 2019, Posted by : James

I just spent a week in Michigan attending a friend's wedding. I had a good time until an unfortunate fight at the end of the night, but the unnecessarily expensive, symbolic, legally binding contract of marriage remains one of the only reasons I will buy a ticket back to the States for anything other than Christmas.

I brought my niece a pretty nice yukata and enjoyed being able ...


The Japanese Garden in Michigan

September 24, 2019, Posted by : James

I made a pilgrimage back to my home state to participate in a friend's wedding the other day. After the festivities ended and I made my way back to Grand Rapids, I headed to the Frederik Meijer Gardens to finally check out the "Japanese garden" designed by some Japanese guy - I know he's Japanese because his picture was on a haughty ...


Why is Japan obsessed with food

August 15, 2019, Posted by : James

There are very few foreigners who cross the pond and manage to spend several years in the land of the rising sun without falling head over heels for the food. On occasion i'll hear of a traveler that doesn't like Japanese food, but it's pretty hard not to like it after a couple years.

If somebody asked me to describe what makes a dish Japanese food in a technical way, I ...


Second tour in ‘nam

August 07, 2019, Posted by : James

One of the great conveniences of living in a travel hub like Tokyo, or Hong Kong, is that flights to southeast asia are really affordable.

Even though i'm planning on leaving Japan within the next 6 months, one of the main things that i'm going to miss is my bi-yearly foreign trips to random foreign countries in Asia. Not to mention the added trips across the pond to South Korea, ...


Renting in Japan

August 03, 2019, Posted by : James


One small detail few people will share to wide-eyed foreigners looking to move to Japan is the fact that it's really hard to find decent housing around Tokyo. It's difficult even for Japanese people, but the problems are compounded for foreigners.

The first thing that comes as a bit of a surprise is the rei-kin system. Before ever setting foot in your ...


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