June 06, 2022, Posted by : James

I got married

Well, after 40 years unmarried, I've tied the knot during covid while back in Tokyo.

I still have a sailboat somewhere in Florida, costing me money every month even though I haven't seen it in close to two years, but all (sailing) plans fail sometimes.

Instead, i'm hanging out in Tokyo trying to get used to the married life.



February 06, 2022, Posted by : James

It's been a while since i've updated this site.

People have been getting married, left and right.

Congratulations to our friends Saeka and Koji!


Stuck in Okinawa

April 23, 2021, Posted by : James

It's strange how life turns out. I bought a sailboat last year with the full intention of enjoying life in the Caribbean, waking up with the sun and going to bed at 10pm, or sailor's midnight as they say. I bought a boat to get away from civilization, and away from Japan. To live deep and suck the marrow out of life.

Somehow, i've instead ended up back in Japan. Eating octopus ...


Going, going, back, back, to Tokyo

December 14, 2020, Posted by : James

The world is still closed due to Covid, but wanderlust cannot be contained, only mildly-inconvenienced.

Since the USA isn't issuing visas, and visas are required for foreigners (like my girlfriend) entering and departing from the States via personal watercraft, I sailed the boat back from the Bahamas to Florida alone, and down the ICW a little bit to get it hauled out in ...


COVID-19 Abroad

July 29, 2020, Posted by : James

Grand Bahama Yacht Club

It's not easy being American these days. We spent a couple months in the Bahamas, sipping drinks with little umbrellas in them, and swimming around West End and Lucaya.

It was great at first, spending our time in the sun, swimming and fishing, but it quickly turned into a huge pain in the ass as soon as the Americans back home stopped wearing ...


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